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Tuesday, November 8, 2022*

Polls are open from 7am-8pm. 
You will vote at your usual polling place for local, state, and national elections.

*Absentee ballots will be available by September 29 and can be returned through election day.

Who can vote in this bond proposal election? 

Residents within the Edwardsburg Public Schools district who will be 18 years of age or older on Election Day and are registered to vote. Please note, you can register to vote on the day of the election at your local clerk’s office.

Where can I get information about voting (such as how to register, where to vote, and absentee voting)?

Go to the Michigan Voter Information website or contact your local clerk. 

Where do I vote? 

If you are unsure about your voting precinct, visit or contact your local clerk. 

Do I need to update my voter registration? 

You need to update your voter registration if you have changed your name or address since the last time you voted. You can do this at any Secretary of State office or at the clerk’s office where you reside.

Can I vote absentee? 

Yes. Since voter approval of Proposal 3 in November 2018, registered voters do not need a reason to vote by absentee ballot. You can request an absentee ballot application from your Clerk’s Office or by going online to

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